Wedderburn Waterfowl

Wedderburn Waterfowl is situated within Green Farm Nursery and is a small family business which was established by Ken & Maureen  Robertson in the late 1970’s.  . It started from an interest in keeping a few domestic type ducks as  a hobby to produce a  few eggs for eating.  This soon grew to quite a large collection of ducks. After a couple of pond expansions, the interest spread  to Ornamental waterfowl. Now, over  forty years later we are exclusively Ornamental waterfowl breeders and have six ponds and six large enclosures. With hatcheries and brooding sheds, this now takes up much of the original nursery land. However, the nursery side of things still flourish today. The reins have just recently been handed over to Son and Daughter-in-law, Andrew & Trudy, who hope to carry on with the current success.

Today Wedderburn is home to  many different species of ducks, geese and swans which  are kept in 6 large planted and landscaped enclosures. Our establishment is currently listed on the BWA (British Waterfowl Association) Website and is the official main breeder of  waterfowl in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties.

Our primary aim here at Wedderburn Waterfowl  is to provide excellent conditions for our  birds and to thoroughly enjoy our hobby. We take great pleasure in passing on our interest to other like minded people so therefore more than happy to help and advise you, whether you are already a keeper of ducks or just thinking about it. All advice is freely given and without obligation.


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Hawaiian Goose or Nene

Black Necked Signets